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You’re here because you have an awesome app idea, you’ve made the first step, so well done. We want to hear from you. We can help you design and develop your app ensuring it’s both beautiful and intuitive. Mobile app development is a specialist subject, so by talking to us, you know you're talking to the experts. Visit the Geeks App Factory to help us help you!

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Looking to promote products/ services?

We work with some of the UK’s largest companies & smallest businesses that want to promote their products or services, through innovative games and information based applications. Put your business in the pockets of millions of users in the marketplace. Let us help you discover what an application can do to promote your business.

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That's awesome, we love agencies!

We understand the Agency culture, so relax, and know The App Developers are a part of your team. We have a team of awesome UI designers and cutting-edge developers, meaning you can create amazing apps and games and with the security, knowledge and backup of our team, on your side! If you like, you can fill in our Online Briefing Sheet. It'll help us understand your idea/business better.

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Cool apps to blow your socks off!

Don't worry, we can't actually do that - it's merely a figure of speech! Between having fun, flying quad-copters, building robots & Nerf gun battles; we get to work on some cool stuff, check out some of these amazing apps we’ve recently worked on.

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Its all about the passion with us, call us to experience it

Mobile App Development is our core proposition, we understand users and what they expect, an app is far more than a ‘nice-to-have’. We are well known for our passion, enthusiasm & ability to think up the best features, come up with the most innovative ideas and well and truly blow minds with our suggestions! Our personality and relaxed approach put us well ahead of the rest. Call us to experience it for yourselves!

The App Developers make apps because we love to! Not because it’s our job, its more than that, it’s an obsession, to get perfection and beauty radiated throughout all we do for ourselves and our clients, every single day we do it!

Let’s talk today, experience it for yourself!

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UXD – User Experience Design

March 07, 2014
UXD – User Experience DesignUser Experience Design

What is UXD? User Experience Design (UXD) doesn’t fall within the traditional design realms as some may think. Although great design is part of the UXD process, what’s vital to great UXD is a thorough understanding of your users needs and expectations. Que the meticulous planning, industry-standard techniques, practical methodologies, behavioural patterns, and a dash […]

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Flappy Bird Online! Flying Bird 3D

February 13, 2014
Flappy Bird Online! Flying Bird 3DFlying Bird 3D - Flappy Bird Online

Flappy Bird Online! Flying Bird 3D – The hardest most addictive game in the world – FACT (well, not really a fact, but try it, you will see!). Game-Jam time at App Devs.  We had one weekend, a crate of RedBull and multipack of wotsits and a challenge… Recreate Flappy Birds, App Dev Style! The […]

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