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Month: July 2012

Great meeting with Tim Campbell

26th July 2012

We were please to welcome Tim Campbell to our HQ! The first winner of the BBC show ‘The Apprentice’ joined us yesterday for a chat.  What a brilliant guy!  So inspiring and genuine and gave us some good advice and goals to achieve. We originally met Tim at an exhibition for a new BBC show […]

Our superpowers were called into action!

25th July 2012

App Devs To The Rescue! Being the crazy app-crime-fighting sidekicks we are, a fellow superhero agency needed some help!   We jumped into action, adorned our sidekick cape and took to the streets (or keyboards)… Several late nights and early hours later we had multiple iPads making their way to the Olympics with beautiful presentations on […]

Office beanbags arriving from BeanBag Bazaar tomorrow

3rd July 2012

Beanbag Bazaar did us proud! We had a great chat with the guys down at Beanbag Bazaar, and ordered some cool XXL Beanbags… Perfect for our ‘thinking’ area in the office 🙂 We got them from here: and we ordered these badboys so we cant wait till tomorrow… Will post some pictures as soon […]

This months high score gaming challenge is Pacman

3rd July 2012

For the month of July, we are playing PACMAN on the iPad, we’re asking people to email us, or tweet us the high scores @TheAppDevs or and the winner will get a Geeky prize at the end of July. Currently the leader is a chap called Nico, who works in the same office block […]