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Month: June 2013

We're in the new office, again

27th June 2013

This week we spent a lot of time moving office. We simply outgrew the old one, again, very fast! This is the third office in 12 months now, and we’re taking on some awesome projects to keep up busy.

Joining The Geeks

14th June 2013

I’m Tom, the “Black Belt in Dev” and I joined the Geeks fulltime on the 5th of June, fresh out of university! My specialty is games across all platforms but lets be honest…mobile apps and games are the place to be! There’s just something special about having a ton of games in your pocket ready to go…

iOS 7 Feature Breakdown

11th June 2013

So following the announcement of iOS7, we naturally have to share our own thoughts about it, firstly – Stunning! Here’s some of our thoughts: The first thing we need to talk about is the design – WOWZERS (yes we just said that) The whole OS has been re-designed and looks clean, fresh and ‘flat’.

Medal of Honour

4th June 2013

Here at the Geek HQ, we’re all a little self obsessed and there’s no better way to reassure ourselves of our sheer brilliance (enormous heads) than to receive a bit of praise. So for those in the know, Awwwards is a tiny, tiny website where creatives submit their web designs. It’s not a big deal at all! We can be modest too.