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Month: October 2016

How to Crowdfund Your Next Great Mobile Game

28th October 2016

Developing a game that goes viral and earns lots of revenue has become a realistic dream for many people. While there may be plenty of competition and lots of hurdles to overcome, if you get it right you could become the proud owner of the next Angry Birds or Candy Crush and an entrepreneur in […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

15th October 2016
Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Much has been written about Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 in recent months. This is a pretty trying time for one of the world’s biggest tech companies and we take a look at the current state of affairs and where Samsung go from here. With their headline phone catching fire, being recalled and the line finally […]

Is Virtual Reality About to go Mainstream?

7th October 2016

There has been much written and spoken about VR this year, many people predicting that this is the moment it will take off and become truly mainstream. There’s no doubt that many of us are waiting in anticipation to see where this great new technology is going to take us. It’s not only set to […]

10 Key Components of a Successful Mobile Game App

7th October 2016

If you have any entrepreneurial ambitions, developing a great mobile game app and taking the online world by storm might be top of your list of things to do. The internet abounds with stories of gaming geeks coming up with just the right idea, developing an app and making it big and rich. The truth […]

What’s New from Google?

5th October 2016

Deep in the heart of San Francisco this week, Google were unveiling a whole new line of products that have been influenced by the impending move to an artificial intelligence orientated society and the rise of the Internet of Things. Other tech companies may well have been taking a close look at Google’s new offerings […]