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Flappy Bird Online! Flying Bird 3D

Flappy Bird Online! Flying Bird 3D – The hardest most addictive game in the world – FACT (well, not really a fact, but try it, you will see!).

Game-Jam time at App Devs.  We had one weekend, a crate of RedBull and multipack of wotsits and a challenge… Recreate Flappy Birds, App Dev Style! The new Flappy Bird Online, Android and iOS – available for FREE!


In two days we created a cross platform game, in stunning 3D visuals and put it live on Facebook, Android and submitted to Apple. The world went crazy for Flappy Birds. It’s the game of 2014 so far! The rumours were that Dong (the creator) had made this game in 2 days. So we put it to the team to see if it’s possible. It was! We recreated every single asset, we wrote our own physics to enhance the gameplay and chose a pretty annoying song, it’s lucky devices have a mute button right..?!

It’s simple, try to get a high score … “It’s easy” they said. “It’s just one press to flap” they said…
It’s a simple premise, get a high score and brag about it!!

  1. Tap to flap – our own flying physics make this a unique game
  2. Get your highest score and share on Social Media (or brag as we like to call it)

Please note, no cute flappy bird was harmed during the making of this game.

What some users are saying about Flappy Bird Online

TTHxRuthLez 13 February 2014
Flappy Birds in 3D Its flappy birds in 3D best game of 2014 Done.

Robert Harris 13 February 2014
Love it It’s a nice game, much better than other flappy games. Go Flappy Bird Online

Patricia Johnson 12 February 2014
Awesome!!! This is definitely the MOST addictive game I’ve ever played on my phone!!!

Lanetta Cole 12 February 2014
Fun game Really fun just like flappy bird and its very addicting . I would have liked to play the real flappy birds but this is just like it so no complaints

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