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Notifi Wins Award For Best Designed App

How The App Developers approached a business problem that led to winning an award.

It’s a little-known secret that our Product Designers are super-talented individuals. Not only do we transform ideas into beautifully intuitive mobile apps for our clients we also win awards for our work too!
Notifi Best Designed App Award
The award taking pride of place among our other awards
A Winning Team

Our product team is made up of Product Strategists, Visual & UX Designers, Project Managers and Engineers who specialise in producing mobile apps and games. Having these areas of specialism internally allows the team to work on a project covering all aspects of the product development process through to launch.

Product Development Process

Business Context

Our client approached us to solve the following business problem; how can we provide business users with a platform that helps them communicate directly with their customers by sending smart, simple notices? Being the natural problem solvers we are we were delighted by the challenge.

Planning, User Experience & Design

We start any project by researching the market and examining who (if any) are the main competitors. Evaluating what opportunities there are for the product in the marketplace can provide great insight. Whether that’s a new feature or we improve the current experience. Every project kicks off by discussing the clients’ business requirements and condensing features to a minimum viable product (MVP). What are the minimum amount of features we can launch with? And how can we provide users with an intuitive and valuable experience? By answering these questions we can ensure we are creating the most efficient product.

Notifi being a startup product, it required a brand. We looked at how we can portray the visual style such as how it looks and how it feels. Is it professionalism and trustworthiness? How can we turn a simple idea into an awesome brand? That’s exactly what we did.

Notifi Logo Variations

During the design stage of the project, we put our ‘user hats’ on helping us to think and become more empathetic in our design decisions. We constantly review and iterate our work internally, whether that’s a basic prototype or a beautiful pixel-perfect interface. This process we call our UXD Process and is the building blocks for a creating a user-centric product.

User Experience is not a beautiful interface though, it’s part of a bigger equation of problem-solving. It’s how usable the product is, it’s preempting where users go, what they do and how they think as well as picking up on their behaviours. From the brand, user research, interaction design and interface design – we cover it all!

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