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Poker battle is coming!

Poker Battle is nearly here!

So we’re working on something super secret squirrel style… It’s a new style of poker that is set to take the country and the world by storm… It’s a highly addictive, fun and ever changing style of poker that is ‘pick-up-and-play’ for all ages and people! No two games are the same, gone are the 6 hour scraps with 8 people all taking waaaaaay too long to make their move!

The game we’re making is a full-blown 3D extravaganza, and as much as we want to show you everything now, we’re not, so you can have the branding as a sneak peak, and that’s it 🙂

This project is one all the geeks here at App Devs have loved to research, and it’s a full scale war each lunch time in the office… The words “Do you want a Poker Battle?” echo around the office more than “Anyone for a drink?” Infact, most people now have a Poker Battle to decide who goes to get the teas!! Oh how things have changed… We’ll keep you posted on the updates, and an expected release date.

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