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Warehouse Wally

Let me introduce Warehouse Wally, a hard working forklift truck driver who has 1 task, to tidy the Warehouse.  This new game, to be released very soon, is directly from the geeks here at App Developers HQ and will have you frustrated, challenged and engrossed in the puzzles that lie ahead.  It sounds simple right?   Just ‘clean the warehouse’ they say!

Wally is a regular guy, stuck in a job he hates, doing work that doesn’t excite him.  We need your help to complete each shift and make sure Wally gets paid the most he can at the end of the month, once he’s saved enough he will be free of the burden of this job… With YOUR help it can happen soon!

Game Features:

  1. Available on all Apple and Android devices
  2. Tile based puzzle game
  3. Simple, intuitive gameplay
  4. Game centre integration
  5. Achievements and leaderboards
  6. Super stunning visuals and 3D videos bring Wally to life
  7. Mind bogglingly (new word?) hard levels, will keep you hooked for hours!
  8. 31 shifts available to play, more coming soon
  9. Purchase and use ‘undos’ … you will need them!
  10. Avoid and overcome obstacles
  11. Call in the help of Willy, and control both forklifts at once!
  12. Brain teasing brilliance
  13. Quoted in The Guardian as the next big thing #Fiction – This means we’re joking. For now!

Wally is coming soon, VERY soon!  Keep checking back for release date, estimated end Aug 2013.

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