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We’re Hiring! – Junior UI Designer

Are you a Geek? We’re offering an opportunity to be part of an awesome, successful and fast-growing Mobile App & Game Development agency. You’ll need to be proactive and willing to hit the floor running. In return, you’ll work with some of the most talented designers and developers in the industry and gain a wealth of design knowledge as well as working on some very interesting and rewarding projects.

Role: Junior UI Designer
Company: The App Developers

You need to be able to demonstrate you understand current technologies and native device specific interfaces. Ideally candidates should provide web or mobile examples they’ve previously produced or helped produce.

We’re looking for the following:

  1. Someone energetic and enthusiastic about mobile technology
  2. Able to demonstrate an understanding of iOS & Android mobile interfaces
  3. Ideally 1-2 years of mobile or web design experience at an agency or similar
  4. If you have a Uni/College diploma or degree – not always required i.e. dependent on skills
  5. Jedi Photoshop & Illustrator skills
  6. A thirst for learning and willing to take direction from our Senior UI Designer, you will learn a lot from this guy!
  7. A love for gaming in general (xbox, ps3, wii… what ever!)
  8. Someone willing to get stuck in, work hard, prove themselves in a creative and relaxed environment, with HUGE progression potential

The position involves:

  1. Designing simple and intuitive application and game interfaces
  2. Preparing and supplying sliced UI assets to Developers when needed
  3. Taking early concept designs through to completion
  4. Working closely with the senior UI designer
  5. Slicing design assets from .PSD files
  6. Brainstorming and idea creation
  7. Application and game testing
  8. Competitor research (searching App Store/Google Play)

You’ll be responsible for ensuring our Developers are supplied assets and design elements. A vast majority of work will involve taking branding and initial UI designs and applying them across additional app screens and other mediums like web. You’ll need to be able to work alone on selected projects and directly with the Senior team.

If you fit the above, and you’re a bit geeky like us, get in touch!

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