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Latest App Store Stats and Figures: Q1 2017

If you thought that apps were likely to plateau out in the next few years, the stats reveal that this is certainly not the case.

For both Apple and Google, downloads seem to be increasing healthily year on year and it seems we simply can’t get enough of the latest products in the store.

With over $15 billion in downloads registered up to the end of Q1 of 2017 across both iOS and Google Play, the app market is showing very little sign of slowing down.

According to App Annie:

  • There was a 15% year over year increase for both android and iOS pushing the number of downloads to a staggering 25 billion across the globe.
  • Consumers are more willing to spend their hard earned cash as well, with revenues up by 45% and the amount developers making is also increasing (especially when you include the benefits of in-app advertising).
  • China has been having an impact on the iOS download market and is now right at the top of consumer spending for this market.
  • Key to the success is the prominent part that countries such as India and China are playing and that’s translated well for Apple who have increased their market share. They are currently up on Google Play by 100% (up from 90% this time last year).
  • China’s android app stores could well have a bigger impact over the rest of the year, with the likes of Baidu and Tencent all offering great alternatives.
  • Google Play is particularly strong in locations such as India which may have contributed strongly to its year on year growth of 40% for Q1.


The biggest dominating sector in apps is still games and this trend is expected to continue over the next few years. The increase in average revenue per user is a major factor for Japan, with China not far behind and beginning to catch up. In fact, in China ARPU has increased tenfold over the last 3 years alone.

Top of the games list, as you might expect, is Pokemon Go which managed to rake in a healthy $800 million in just under 3 and half months last year. Their success has been helped by a good marketing strategy and the use of new augmented reality technology to provide a unique experience for users that was almost guaranteed to go viral and hit the news headlines.

For non-gaming apps, the winners are still currently streaming models such as Spotify and Netflix, though dating apps such as Tinder are also figuring well in the listings. Apps with more than a hint of usefulness are also becoming more popular. The travel industry is hitting the mark with consumers as they provide a range of downloadable apps that can complement worldwide journeys. These kinds of apps have bumped up by 20% in the last couple of years and app smartphone bookings are also increasing.

With downloads to reach 352 billion by the start of the next decade and revenue set to exceed $139 billion, there has never been a better time to get involved in app development. It may be competitive out there, but find the right idea and market well to your customer base and you could well have the latest viral hit to cause a worldwide sensation on your hands.

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