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Technology - the next Big Thing

19th March 2018

If you remember the days before smartphones and mobile apps, you’ll appreciate how quickly technology has developed. It seems every day now, a new, potentially disruptive technology comes onto the market. But what’s the next big thing in Technology? And how is it going to impact your life? The Rise and Rise of AI Technology […]

10 Smart Home Products for 2018

6th March 2018

The good news is there are plenty of smart gadgets coming out in the next 12 months that will make a great addition to any home. While some may well be old friends, advances in technology mean that many of these smart products are already becoming smarter. Here are just a few things to look forward […]

3 Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Have an App

19th February 2018

The good news is that the mobile app is no longer the province of large corporations and companies with sizeable marketing budgets. Greater competition between online providers and sleeker technology have democratised app development for the masses and enabled businesses to develop the kind of personal customer engagement that matters so much in today’s competitive […]

The Power of Analytics in App Development

9th January 2018
The Power of Analytics in App Development

As with any marketing initiative, you will want to measure the performance of your app. Not only does it confirm that you have made the right design choices in the first place and confirm your return on investment, it can help inform future developments to improve performance. For some strange reasons, apps are sometimes seen […]

The Importance of Proper Testing

3rd January 2018
The Importance of Proper Testing

We live in a world that is increasingly dependent on digital technology. Many businesses are now looking to develop their own, dedicated apps to improve customer engagement and increase profits. In fact, consumers now expect their favourite company to have their own app and to be able to download it easily either for android or […]

Why You Might Need Investment for Your Next App Development

19th December 2017
App Investment

The good news is that app development has become democratised in the last four or five years. If you want to develop a cutting-edge app for your business or bring your latest mobile gaming experience to a new audience, there are plenty of high quality companies out there who can help, even if you don’t […]

We're Looking For A Lead Unity / Game Developer

27th November 2017
Hiring a UI/UX Designer - app developers uk

We’re looking for a highly capable, focussed, passionate and driven Unity Developer to join an exciting up & coming development agent We’re a highly skilled, growing, energetic and award-winning mobile app & game agency who love to create user-centred, innovative, exceptional experiences and products. You will be working closely with all members of the team […]

What Are eSports?

16th November 2017
What Are eSports?

Electronic Sports or eSports have come increasingly popular over the last five or six years. Once the province of players at home, these events are now being held in public in stadiums and are attracting supporters just like any other ‘real’ sport. eSports even has its own stars, with some commanding fees from tournament organisers […]

ASO And Why It Matters

10th November 2017
ASO and why it matters

Anyone involved in online marketing, realises the need for good SEO that improves page rankings on search engines. What is less commonly understood in modern marketing is the need for App Store Optimisation or ASO. With more businesses switching to apps, it’s become increasingly important and something which can certainly give you the edge over […]

The App Developers Showreel 2017

6th November 2017
The App Developers Showreel

We constantly work on our clients needs, and advise on external representation and perception.  So we took a step back and looked at ourselves.  Often asked questions like “do you do design as well?”  or  “Can you recommend someone to work on the monetisation modelling”,  we knew something was wrong, because actually, product strategy and […]