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We're looking for a Business Development Manager

5th July 2017
Hiring Business Development Manager

We’re looking for someone to join our team and run the sales and business development strategy. Please note: the position has now been filled. Are you an experienced Business Development manager and looking for new opportunities in the fastest growing sector in the world?  Well you’ve come to the right place, because we’re on the hunt. […]

We Welcome George Henderson

20th September 2013

George has recently joined the Geeks at App Devs HQ after finishing college.  He was looking for a job in the local area and stumbled across us, so he sent an email wondering if we had any junior UI positions available.  Well, as a matter of fact Georgey if you looked at our blogs you […]

Ben and Sam at the Apple iPhone 5c / 5s launch

20th September 2013

So we arrived at 4am to find around 50 people in front who we are working on with bribes of money and food. 6:20am Legs starting to ache and coffee shop not open yet… 7am Sam has fallen asleep in the toilets I think… Not long now 7:05 Who knows what it is but it’s […]

We're in the new office, again

27th June 2013

This week we spent a lot of time moving office. We simply outgrew the old one, again, very fast! This is the third office in 12 months now, and we’re taking on some awesome projects to keep up busy.

Joining The Geeks

14th June 2013

I’m Tom, the “Black Belt in Dev” and I joined the Geeks fulltime on the 5th of June, fresh out of university! My specialty is games across all platforms but lets be honest…mobile apps and games are the place to be! There’s just something special about having a ton of games in your pocket ready to go…

The Robot Wars challenge has begun. We call it: #GeekobotWars

5th January 2013

We’ve turned things up a geeky notch and are holding our own Robot Wars style battle to the death. Sometimes we stray a little from app development, but we never stray too far, and we only stray in our own free time of course 😉 … Given our love to build, code and make things […]

Ever wondered what's inside an iMac?

16th December 2012

So, when transporting an iMac the other day, it had a little accident, well, someone had an accident between the sender, the courier and the receiver but neither will admit it! And no I won’t name and shame (yet)… So we had a couple of options, take it to Apple and get the stand and […]

Skinnydip - Great products, great guys!

25th September 2012

We met with the guys over at Skinnydip today.  You may have seen them recently on BBC’s Dragons Den. They make iPhone Cases and some REALLY cool accessories, see more about Skinnydip here:  (What an awesome name for a brand too!).  The quality of their stuff is really good, and you can see them […]

We're working with HD Brows! An awesome brand

3rd August 2012

We have started developing a beautiful application for HD Brows.  Won’t give you all the details now, but it will be stunning. We met with Nilam Patel & her team at the famous Milton Keynes salon: Dermaspa.  The App Dev’s wives are frequent visitors anyway, and we have now partnered with Nilam to build to […]

The App Developers on the BBC

1st August 2012

“Call Makeup, these boys need a LOT of work!” Yes, you may have heard, we have had some BBC camera’s with us recently, can’t really tell you why, or what for, or even what is happening?  All we know is The App Developers may be on a BBC3 TV show called Be Your Own Boss, […]