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10 Key Components of a Successful Mobile Game App

If you have any entrepreneurial ambitions, developing a great mobile game app and taking the online world by storm might be top of your list of things to do.

The internet abounds with stories of gaming geeks coming up with just the right idea, developing an app and making it big and rich. The truth is, as with many other things in this world, only a small minority of the games developed each year go viral and capture the public attention.

So, what are the key components for a mobile game app that hits the target and makes a big splash? Here’s our list of things you might like to include:

  1. Create a game you can’t put down: Most people have 20 to 30 different apps on their phone all competing for their attention. If you want to create a successful game it must be addictive. Think Candy Crush or Angry Birds and you begin to get the idea. If they can’t resist tapping on your icon you could be onto a winner.
  2. Solid gameplay: Whether you are producing a simple game or a more complex one the gameplay needs to be solid. Clunky controls or difficulty in use are big problems for many games so get it right before you go to market.
  3. Story: Some games rely on a compelling story, others like Angry Birds just have a set theme. If you are creating a storyline, then it needs to work on a variety of levels and you have to have it down pat – gamers are highly critical when it comes to story.
  4. Graphics: Needless to say if you are having a game developed the graphics need to be top notch. For most budding mobile game entrepreneurs, the biggest barrier to this is the money they have to spend though the cost has come down in recent years. Get the best you can and make sure your graphics are cool.
  5. The challenge: If you want to keep people coming back and using your game app then it needs to be consistently challenging. That includes increasing the difficulty or adding different challenges that engage just as much as before.
  6. Keep it simple, stupid: Don’t overburden your players with too many choices or menu buttons. The simpler you can keep it and the easier to use, the better.
  7. Develop for all operating systems: You are limiting yourself if you just produce a game for android or iOS. The more systems your game works on the better and the bigger the audience you can attract.
  8. Find the right developer: There are plenty of different online places to get an app developed nowadays and not all of them are sparkling examples of coding excellence. Shop around, do your research and don’t settle on the first company you come across. Find someone you can work with and who knows what they are doing.
  9. Marketing: You can’t just put a game up in a store and hope for the best. You are going to have to learn about marketing and how to get people talking about your product. Find out who the influencers are in the game’s arena and contact them to see if they want to play with your app and perhaps do a review.
  10. Prepare for success: While you might not really be expecting it you need to have a plan in place to cope with success. What if 100 people use your app at once? A thousand? A million? Have you got the bandwidth to cope with the demand? Getting it wrong can suddenly see your great mobile game app slipping down the rankings so have a plan in place before you go to market.


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