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Ouya Console

As soon as we heard about the new OUYA Android console on KickStarter, we backed it! We had to get our hands on it! It has now taken pride of place next to the NES, SNES, Megadrive, Dreamcast, N64 & dare I say it – sits ahead of the PS3 and Xbox 360!
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Why? Because for what it lacks in size the OUYA more than makes up for in potential! As OUYA rightly say, “The Little Box, inside this box HAS BIG DREAMS!”. The OUYA console, in a phrase, simply liberates the Android market place! Why restrict your favorite Android games to your mobile? Even with its bigger screen size, your Android Tablet can’t compete with your massive home TV screen! So call your mates, pick up a controller and get ready to have your minds…..blown!

OUYA say “ITS WHATS INSIDE THAT MATTERS” and boy do they cram it all in! For something with dimensions just slightly bigger than a handful of wotsits, the OUYA console boots up quickly, is powered by a NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad-Core CPU and yes – outputs to stunning 1080p in stunning HD. When you add to that the expandable storage, 15 button touchpad controller and the fact that it just looks plain sexy, the OUYA is a tidy little piece of kit indeed! The only negative is that it sort of looks…. well…. upside down! (Buy one and see what we mean.)

Hang on…

TOUCHPAD CONTROLLER?! Oh yes we did say that! And yes is does, beating the PS4 to it! Whilst finally making menu navigation easy and dare I say fun, the Touchpad controller unlocks a whole world of possibilities for game developers and Android gurus!


Ouya Games

Ok, ok, ok, I forgot it was just us Geeks who got passionate about the hardware!

Well for starters – every game is free to try! YES! Free! OUYA say “Free the Games”, a philosophy they have taken literally, and OUYA (rightly!) believe that you shouldn’t buy games unless you absolutely love them, and every game genre is there. From shooters and platformers all the way to epic RPG adventures! You just simply search the PlayStore and download to the console directly. Ready for some multiplayer? Simply head online or grab 4 controllers, some mates and a pizza… and set yourself up for the ultimate night in.

The OUYA is your all in one entertainment system. Allowing you to stream hi res movie files and high quality mp3 audio tracks too. It won’t just be your favorite apps you’ll be enjoying in full HD glory. Wanna see each feather of an Angry Bird’s wing? Then simply head over to the Google Playstore, download and enjoy!

The OUYA features games from award winning game developers, and provides everything you need to get coding and make a game yourself! I’ll finish with the last of OUYA’s little genius slogans: “And so begins the Revolution!” Oh Yes – Viva la Revolution!

Very exciting times ahead!

Take a look yourself: Ouya Website

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