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iOS 7 Feature Breakdown

So following the announcement of iOS7, we naturally have to share our own thoughts about it, firstly – Stunning!

Here’s some of our thoughts:

The first thing we need to talk about is the design – WOWZERS (yes we just said that) The whole OS has been re-designed and looks clean, fresh and ‘flat’.
iOS7 Will track your motion and offer a nice experience with wallpapers and offer the ability to see behind your icons.

iOS7 game center

Game Center

About time Apple… This has been (in our opinion) a horrible looking part of iOS6 for a very long time and every time someone in the office has to view Ben’s ridiculous high scores we throw up a little bit in our mouths…  Out with the crappy green cloth and dirty brown leather.

iOS7 weather


It looks like Apple have taken a little inspiration from the Yahoo weather app but can you blame them?  With some nice animations for different weather types this is a nice clean re-design.

iOS7 calendar


A really nice update for calendar, with swipe between days and a beautiful landscape view and zoom out function. Cant wait to have a play with this and see if we can finally use it as a reliable work calender for the office.

iOS7 safari


Safari has been given lots of love and we love the tab switching, quick access to favorites, Twitter integration and much better bookmarking.

iOS7 camera


So pleased to see native camera with filters – we are big fans of Instagram in the office ( some too much ) but it will be nice to do it all from the default app. This brings us on to photos and iCloud sharing and Apple did take a little idea from us on this one which we have to change now (Thanks Apple )
Sorting your photos has just got easier – They include location & times, they will be grouped into ‘Moments’ and super fast browsing, some sexy looking scrubbing and ability to zoom out to the whole year.

iOS7 airdrop


A great update and could be a big game changer with Peer to Peer WiFi communication. You can now share your photos with other iPhone users. We can see this being used at Point Of Sale in shops and a great NFC replacement.

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