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Ever wondered what’s inside an iMac?

So, when transporting an iMac the other day, it had a little accident, well, someone had an accident between the sender, the courier and the receiver but neither will admit it! And no I won’t name and shame (yet)… So we had a couple of options, take it to Apple and get the stand and rear housing replaced, be without it for a few days, but know it’s going to be a great job, OR … Have a crack at it ourselves? So being the geeks we are, we took on this huge undertaking.

So you’d think it would be easy… Take off screen, take out the ‘innards’, place in new rear housing and screw it all seamlessly together … Well I’ll be honest, it wasn’t, like a hundred pins in the eyes it was painful… Piece by piece the ‘innards’ revealed themselves to us, over 100 screws of varying size, colour and type came out, holding some 50+ separate pieces of this beautiful machine together. Some bits being connected by 0.5m wire with equally as flimsy connectors, and other components of this endless jigsaw came out bit by bit, labelled and placed securely on the tidy trays provided.

At times we faced doubt – “Shall we stop?” “Will we ever get this back together?” … Yes we will! if it meant staying all night; with pizza & crate of Redbull, we’ll do this!

So with the help of a few App Dev friends, a little ‘Googling’ and some damn good screwing (not that screwing!) we got everything out, marvelled at the mess laying around us, and discarded of the old rear case…

Now – Putting it all back together. With a beautiful shiny new rear housing, a short Mario Kart break and some wotsits inside us, we regrouped to attempt the ultimate rebuild. What we stood and faced can only be likened to the puzzle we all know and love, yes, the 1000 piece baked bean puzzle (Classic!).

The task, led by Ben got off to a good start, bits were getting put back, screwed in and tightened, things seemed to resemble what we ‘thought’ they looked like before we broke the puzzle up in the first place, we were hopeful of a success, when …

3 Hours later, when it was all back in place, everything that had come out, was back in (baring 5 screws, but we’ll sweep them under the rug and forget about them). The screen went back on nice and flush and the job looked all but complete. So we flipped it over to put the stand on. Oh ….

Yes, it had happened (and if you’ve ever changed the stand on an iMac you’ll know what we mean here) … The little ‘arm’ that should be on the outside for the new stand to screw in to, had indeed, remained inside! The only way to get to the stand contraption on the inside was to take all the 100+ screws, the 50+ components and the 40+ connectors back off and out of the housing… No, forget it!!! There must be another way.

Nothing, and I mean nothing would pull this arm out, we tried everything… Until, we had a brain wave, nipped to B&Q (other home and garden superstores are available), bought some replacement strimmer wire and a pair of scissors.

If we could feed the wire through the 10 holes in the arm inside, we might be able to use that leverage to pull it out … Hey presto with one almighty tug, out came the arm!! We frantically screwed the new stand in, and the iMac then looked like any other.

Now all that remains is to turn it on. Which went a bit like this: Plug in, stand well back, draw straws to see who’s actually going to press the button, check our wills are up to date, and then he who was chosen PRESSED THE BUTTON !!! ‘Dongggggggggg’ the generic Apple startup sound was heard and the thing worked like a dream! First time. Like new. Well done boys, well done.


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