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I’m Tom, the “Black Belt in Dev” and I joined the Geeks fulltime on the 5th of June, fresh out of university! My specialty is games across all platforms but lets be honest…mobile apps and games are the place to be! There’s just something special about having a ton of games in your pocket ready to go (although it MIGHT slightly prolong toilet breaks!).

Working with the team is brilliant; our days consist of getting to work early (yes, we love our job that much!) for a quick pre-work COD or FIFA tournament (obviously I’m letting the guys win right now, I can’t walk in and be the best straight away can I?). Then we get the coffees in (well apparently that’s my job for a while!) and go about our business making beautiful and intuitive apps and games.

On my first day I thought I had come into the wrong office, I mean c’mon…you don’t expect to see a company that churns out so many good quality apps having a nerf gun battle or playing games do you? It turns out I HAD turned up at the right office, as Sam & Ben had previously told me “Be loyal, work hard and play hard and you will go far with us”. This is true, most of the time spent in the office is working hard on what we love to do, developing for the mobile platform.

Overall after my second week with the Geeks I’ve already learnt a ton of new skills (yes they have fun but they are EXPERTS in their field!) and am working my way towards releasing a game for iOS and Android so watch this space!!!

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