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The Robot Wars challenge has begun. We call it: #GeekobotWars

We’ve turned things up a geeky notch and are holding our own Robot Wars style battle to the death. Sometimes we stray a little from app development, but we never stray too far, and we only stray in our own free time of course 😉 …

Given our love to build, code and make things move using technology we’ve decided to have the ultimate geek off and host our own Robot Wars style battle.  So far we have 3 teams entered, and team SaBe Tooth is headed up by our very own App Developers co-founders Ben & Sam (you may know them from the ‘no photoshop’ image on the home page).  Greg & Duncan, employee and friend respectively of the App Developers have entered a team each, and the rules are being ironed out as we speak, but they’ll look something like this:

1) The robot must fit inside a 0.5 metre squared box

2) All power must be electricity based, no fossil fuels (we care for the planet too)

3) The robot must not weight more than 5 Kilograms

4) No water based defence or attack methods can be used

5) Robots must be controlled by an Arduino board, either pre or custom built

6) The maximum allowed to be spend is £50 per robot

Keep up with the action on Twitter by following the #GeekobotWars hashtag or following the teams directly:  @ActualSam & @HoganTheTwit, @DuncanLowrie, @Lukos86

The fight will take place in a controlled environment and yes, it’s a fight to the death, once a robot is immobilised, they are out the fight, and the other robot the victor!  Keep checking back for updates, and please call 01234 834822 to book tickets to the final, hospitality tickets available, venue/date/time to be confirmed 🙂

Please email if you would like to enter the competition or find out more …

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