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We Welcome George Henderson

George has recently joined the Geeks at App Devs HQ after finishing college.  He was looking for a job in the local area and stumbled across us, so he sent an email wondering if we had any junior UI positions available.  Well, as a matter of fact Georgey if you looked at our blogs you would have known for SURE that we are looking for exactly that someone!

So within 2 days of sending what George described as a ‘hopeless punt email’ we’d employed him and had already started moving desks!  He is now a mobile app designer.

George adds a new dimension to our UI team, a fresh set of eyes, a keen direction for colour palettes and style, and above all, an Android presence in the office!  There’s two ways you can go in life, the ‘right’ way:  Xbox and iPhone, or the ‘wrong’ way:  PS3 & Android… He took the latter route!

George has a rather good portfolio, including some mobile app UI designs for Sega amongst others, and he really was what we’re looking for.   The first task we set was a reskin of an application that we’d started a while back, which we can’t say much about, but it’s a good entry into the deepest end possible.

Welcome aboard George, and brace yourself, it’s a rollercoaster of emotion!

George says:   “I couldn’t believe it, I found a mobile app  & game development company near my house, so I emailed in, and went to see them that afternoon!  I loved the office, and the team, and knew this is where I wanted to be.

Working with Aaron will be something special, he’s a very talented (some say special) guy and I know I can learn a lot from him.  I’m just working hard now on a new project I’ve been given to reskin a really cool app.

I’ve only been here a week, but at my first weekend I actually wanted to get back to work!  That’s something I’ve never felt before.”

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