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We’re in the new office, again

This week we spent a lot of time moving office. We simply outgrew the old one, again, very fast! This is the third office in 12 months now, and we’re taking on some awesome projects to keep up busy. Most under NDA till release so you’ll need to wait for those.

In true App Developers geeky style we’ve made the office a pleasant place to be, taking inspiration from Google Offices, Fruit Towers (from the legendary Innocent Drinks) and our crazy fun minds!

With us has come the Mario Wall (we’re pretty well known round our neck of the woods for the Mario Wall!), plus some other great enhancements… Like an 8Bit Wall, a life size App Factory tribute, and a new Arcade machine for the geeks to use in their downtime.

Let’s talk Arcade machine for a minute, the best of breed 8 axis & 6 button control system, and a whopping 1138 games! Everything you can imagine from the old classics, like Lemmings, 17 versions of Street fighter, Pit Fighter, Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, Hang On, Tetris, Afterburner, Kong, Track & Field, and so many more! We challenge anyone to beat us at some of these classics, some of us here grew up on these machines, and now we have one in the office. We’ve made it right ??

The Office itself has been split into two sections: ‘Management’ (Aka geek frontmen) in one section, and the genius of developers & designers in the next. One thing is for sure though, the Nerf Gun’s still reach across the room.

So if you’ve had the pleasure of coming along to our old office, be sure to pop along again, where you’ll be beaten at Mario Kart, Fifa, and pretty much any arcade game of your choice… Yes, we can be modest too!

Finally, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone we’ve worked with so far, awesome people and businesses, a great team we’ve built, and the fun fun fun we have whilst we work.

The new office is peaceful, calm, and quiet… Yeah right!!!
The Coders

Greg? Working underneath the desk again today?

The Geeks

“Two 27″ Thunderbolt displays but I’ll just use the MacBook Pro then!”

Arcade Machine

This is where the men become men and the losers become even more feminine!

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