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More and more businesses and organisations are finding that mobile is the way to go when it comes to marketing.

Developing an app is now seen as a key component of any growth strategy and their number is rising quickly in stores across the globe.

Being able to surf the internet and make purchases on the move is undoubtedly changing the way we all interact. Almost of a quarter of young people can’t now remember a time when they didn’t have their mobile phone next to them.

Mobile Use

  1. We are definitely moving to mobile devices. 65% of digital time is now spent on smartphones and other portable devices compared to 35% spent on desktop pcs.
  2. There are expected to be 6.1 billion users of smartphones around the globe by 2020 and they’ll account for some 80% of all mobile traffic.
  3. In the first quarter of 2015 there were 108 million new mobile subscriptions. 26 million of these were in India and 21 million in Africa.
  4. Video is the most popular use for smartphones with watching online video suppliers such as YouTube and Netflix is rising by 50% each year.
  5. Around 15% of mobile traffic comes from social networking.
  6. In South Korea, 88% of the population own a smartphone, in the UK it’s 68%.
  7. Only 4% of Ethiopians on the other hand have a smartphone.
  8. Buys on mobile and desktop account for 15% of total consumer spend.
  9. 60% of online shoppers are using mobile devices but 83% of them are completing the sale on a desktop.
  10. Estimates suggest that over 2 billion mobile users will have made an ecommerce transaction by 2017.

App Use

  1. We download an average of 8.8 apps every month. A quarter of these are actually never used.
  2. The number of apps being downloaded is increasing quickly. The projected total downloads to 2017 is 268 billion.
  3. Android has over 2.2 apps for download, Apple has 2 million.
  4. On average people will open retail and ecommerce apps 17.5 times a month and media and entertainment apps 13.1 times a month.
  5. The amount of time we spend on apps increased by 21% in 2015.
  6. Only half of companies that have a dedicated app actually measure engagement and have a clear idea on return on investment.
  7. On android, the number of people who stop using an app in the first three days is up around 77% and the number who stop within 90 days is as high as 90%.
  8. Mobile users who download retail apps are not always impressed. Nearly half have expressed a dislike of their mobile app and a similar percentage don’t recommend their mobile web experience.
  9. Games are the most popular downloads, with 24.4% of all downloads in the Apple store from this sector. The next most popular are business (10.4%) and education (8,2%).
  10. If you have in-app purchases, beware, only 5% of users ever buy these.
  11. Apple users are two and half times more likely to make in-app purchases than android users.


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