Mobile app development company in UK: Delivering the best in mobile app development company in UK

Mobile app development company in UK

Delivering the best in mobile app development company in UK

Delivering the best in mobile app development company in UK

We’re a bespoke mobile app development company in UK offering a full app development service, from the initial strategic process to eventual objective business needs, using the persuasive power of mobile technology for your business or product.

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mobile app development company in uk
Proven product strategy experts, can we talk about it?

What is the purpose of your mobile app? That might sound a little obvious, but if you’re unsure, or just want some feedback – ask us. We’d welcome the opportunity to chat and a chance to share our extensive experience as an app development agency in the United Kingdom that thrives on building conversations about mobile technology challenges.

First we ask: WHY… What is the reason for building an app, from this question onwards we help to build the structural and feature design to drive all user journeys to achieve your objectives.

We’ll be honest, upfront and helpful. That’s why we’re always intent on delivering the best in mobile app solutions: whether for start-ups – excited about their first enterprise mobile venture or wanting to showcase their mobile app idea in app stores; or an established business – eager to go beyond the enterprise level and initiate wider-ranging business transformations.

Unwrapping the process.

It’s always good to get that first conversation under the belt. Now we can start the reveal and really get to understand your mobile app development objectives.

With your strategy and concept outlined, in this phase, we use our comprehensive experience gained from the development process of hundreds of mobile app projects to initiate feedback on what app attributes may work and those that may need refining, as well as defining your business objectives with your app that need to be addressed and considered. We get stuck in!

It’s gotta look and feel good, our impassioned UX designers set about using their considerable user experience knowledge to deliver your app in an intuitive and user friendly manner, aiming to set your app apart from others with a unique user interface design. An interactive prototype of the full app is generated to discuss openly the different UX choices and functionality.

When the feel and flow of the mobile app are clear we look at the different design styles amongst other apps in the same category or subject identifying how to make your app stand out. We then fully unwrap your app creating a stunning mobile design, all the time adhering to your brands’ existing identity and guidelines, and your ultimate business objectives.

Made for sharing.

We develop across a wide range of mobile user platforms including iOS & Android, as well as for web. If necessary we build the app natively for each of them, making certain your customers get the best user experience for each platform.

Our team of dedicated developers are proficient in development across all mobile platforms and continually assess and re-assess the development process assuring your mobile app capabilities are maximised for devices with higher OS spec versions or larger capacity. We make sure that your API is AOK (for those who are sometimes perplexed by acronyms, API is the Application Programming Interface which specifies how some software components should interact with each other).

With the growing number of mobile devices with different screen-sizes, OS versions, and other hardware, we check that being able to view and interact with your mobile app is universal through testing and testing again and how the app will function and behave in these different environments. Our quality assurance team use extensive ranges of mobile devices: from the most popular Android phones and older versions to the full spectrum of the Apple models.

The full flavour.

We want your mobile app to be the best, so we incorporate enhancements and enrich user experiences by creating mobile app development solutions with the optimal use of the budget and resources.

Every time a customer chooses a product or service on your app, they expect you to deliver as promised. We make sure your mobile app is seamless as it is intuitive. Giving your customers that trust, encouraging open conversation and treating them as collaborative partners not only gives you fantastic ideas from those people who might respond to your app, but it also keeps them around longer since they have a personal connection with your mobile app and an acknowledged influence on the future of your products or business.

For your customers, that feels like having their cake and eating it…

Contact us for a chat. We love nothing more than a mobile app development challenge to bring out the best in us and show how we can do the same for your mobile app idea.

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