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Just Lists – The Guessing Game!

Contrary to what you might think, it’s not all play and no work at the App Developers!  Our Geeky brains were called into action yet again; when the team over at Just Lists approached us with a cool idea, we dropped the game controllers leaving Mario to battle Bowser on his own for a bit.  As soon as we LISTened to what they had to say, we were excited about the game!

What is it?!

Just Lists tests your General knowledge to the max! Mixing numerous choices of quiz subjects with speedy and competitive game play to keep you on your toes. The game is being developed for iPhone initially.

How do you play it?!

Player one (that’s you!) chooses the first category.

Since the possibilities are limitless, this can be anything.  Just as a taster; we picked Top 5 Box Office Grossing Movies starring Tom Cruise, Top 5 Goal Scorers in the Premier League, Top 5 Most Expensive Cars or especially for us nerdy types, Top 5 Games Consoles bought last Christmas!

Next, simply fill in your best answers on the blank list.  Sound simple? You’ll see; thinking of 5 is actually quite a challenge! After you play a few rounds with your opponent and the score’s tallied up; the one with the most correct answers in the shortest time is victorious!

Do as many lists as you like, and when you’re dinner’s ready, or your thumbs are seizing up, simply post your winning score to your favourite Social Media site because Bragging isn’t a luxury; it’s a right!

Of course it’s easy to sign up or log in using your existing Facebook account, or you can challenge your friends or take on other players from anywhere around the World!

Here’s the geeky bit…

Design & Development – Ok, so once we could visualise the way it needed to look, we got our in-house UI masters on the case to produce their magic…

We were happy with the clean, sharp look and, as always the attention to detail was spot on!  Now it was all down to the dev geeks to match the quality of the design in the development of the app! And they didn’t let the side down.  We may well have stumbled upon a phenomenon in quick quiz-tech!

The App has initially been built native for iOS but we’ll be launching the Android version later this year.

Warning: Just Lists is addictive, prepare to make and possibly lose friends!

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