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Android Developers & iOS Developers Needed

The team is expanding, and we’re looking specifically for a pair of experienced (or willing to learn) Android hands who might want to join and be a part of the Geek family.

Mobile App Development is becoming more and more popular, and although we’re stupidly obsessive Apple fans, we understand the importance of Android and other platforms, and speaking honestly actually really love the latest updates for Android and want to get stuck in to it more with some of our in-house projects.

If you’re looking for a nice friendly, hard working, experienced Mario Kart playing, slightly overweight, Redbull drinking family to join, and work on some cool client stuff as well as what we call ‘C-W-A’ from time to time, then please get in touch.  Email us on and put the email subject as ‘This Geek Needs Fostering” and we’ll be sure to get in touch!

iOS and Android are all welcome to apply…

Thanks, Sam.

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