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The App Developers BBC – Be Your Own Boss

As you may have heard, The App Developers are being featured on a BBC show called Be Your Own Boss, which starts on BBC3 on 12th September at 9pm!

As much as we’re excited to be a part of a new and exciting TV show, we’re equally scared and worried about our performances in front of the camera, yes some people say we could be the next Ant & Dec (which we’re not sure whether we’re pleased about)… We do have fun, we do enjoy our work, but we also work hard… VERY hard, and The App Developers BBC experience was one of the most exciting things we have done in this business, and meeting Richard Reed and all the other wonderful people like Tim Campbell…

A lot has changed in the weeks since the filming, and I mean a LOT !!!  the team is growing, the porfolio is growing, and our fear of seeing The App Developers on the BBC is growing!

Once the show is aired we will blog in full about our experiences, as we are under oath to conceal the significant points of the show…

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