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We have partnered with Talk Business Magazine

A Great Read

Normally I’m skeptical about people trying to sell us advertising space, I’ve heard it all before, “It’s the last day for closing the month off and we have a last minute offer for you”, or similar stereotyped lines that frankly don’t really float my boat, given I’ve been tasked with such selling roles in my younger years I know the levels of fabrication sales people can lay over otherwise ‘everyday offers’… So when my phone rang, and a chap called Trystan introduced himself, I was already starting to switch-off mentally…

Something Made Me Listen…

I asked a few questions about the magazine, it’s circulation, the demographics and other stuff, and I’ll be honest, I was amazed!  It’s circulation is huge, the readers are current, entrepreneurial, and exciting!  So after some longer conversations, and a trip to Talk Business HQ which is a stones throw from the O2 Arena in London,and has a view to die for, we’ve decided to work together on a few things!  So if you read the mag, expect to hear from us soon!  And if you don’t read the mag… subscribe today!  (They actually have a great offer on at the moment for subscriptions if you head over to

Taking Talk Business Mobile

We’re going to be taking the magazine mobile, can’t give too much away, but if you’re expecting a simple page turning digital version of the magazine, sitting with a boring app, or newstand, you can think again… The App Developers ideas, passion and energy are once again creating something quite special for what is actually a quite special magazine!

So keep your eyes peeled inside the mag, and inside app stores across the world!  Us, and Talk Business will be making some regular appearances.

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