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Mattest Southern

Mattest SouthernTesting Engineering Materials

Mattest Southern

A thermal imaging camera app for the road laying industry.

MATtest Southern are a Civil engineering materials, testing company, with a requirement to monitor road surface temperature and reports.
The Brief

We were approached by MATtest Southern to produce an application which uses a special algorithm to measure the temperature of a surface area by way of thermal imaging cameras, to assist with road surfacing.



Making use of thermal imaging cameras, whether add-ons or built-in to device, we were required to incorporate an algorithm so that accurate readings of heat across surface area would be recordable and captured.

Our Solution

Thanks to the quality of camera on even lower end devices and the thermal adapters available, the visuals of the application were relatively straight-forward. We kept an open UI as the app relies on Camera view in the main part, this resulted in minimum input for the user for a quick and intuitive experience.

Technical & UX Considerations

The data returned by the thermal adapters took some manipulation to return readable results to the UI. The algorithm to manage this probably took the bulk of the effort required for the entire project.



  • Thermal Imaging data reading
  • Complex Data Algorithm
  • Simple UI
Mattest Southern
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