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VyeStrive for Social Victory


A social media app which lets the world be your stage.

Vye is a social media platform where you share your achievements and efforts visually for recognition and rating.
The Brief

Inspired by such social media trends as the Ice-bucket challenge and the Mannequin challenge; the idea was to develop a social media platform which allows users to create challenges on the fly and vote, comment and climb leader-boards.



We were approached by the client to develop an app as a friendly competition which encourages users to challenge one another and vote on the best attempts. The app could then be presented to charities, who could create their own challenges as verified users and vote with special votes to track and monitor.

Our Solution

We researched the biggest, most popular apps, took elements from each and formed a sleek, simple to use posting mechanic which allows the user to create challenges by simply naming their post with a hashtag. The hashtag then appears available to all other users, globally, as a means to join the challenge by simply naming their own post with the same hashtag. Multiple posts can then be viewed under the same title; leaderboards are then generated based on the voting habits of each post.

We also wanted to cater for private challenges which can be created as “Groups”. These can only be viewed by members – which are selected from the group owner’s followers.

Technical & UX Considerations

The main considerations for this app were how to present the feed and deciding on the image ratio.

With an emphasis on creating partnerships with charities, we wanted the app to be easily accessible.

We wanted to make the process of posting and creating challenges as quick and easy as possible, as well as, simple to search and explore.



  • Charity fund raising
  • Create and compete in challenges
  • Image and Video Sharing
  • Comment and Vote
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