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It’s Tinder, but with a video speed dating twist!

Yumio = You, Me + Video. Test the attraction, early.

The Yumio idea was conjured up by Umar Phul, who is the CEO.   We were asked to create a dating app that users could talk face to face, without the need to exchange numbers.   If you’re in the dating world, you’ll know that the first ‘meet’ is the most important, and you know instantly if there is a spark. So the brief was to recreate that experience on this app via a video call.

It has similarities to other ‘swipe dating’ apps to gain that instant and judgemental yes or no. We needed a way to further that process using video.

The app didn’t want to feel like a replica of the others, it needed its own identity and brand yet maintain a lot of familiar features.


The market for dating apps is huge, and in London alone, the stats are something like – app-daters being a member of an average of 12 dating sites and apps, at any one time. The problem was to be different, and it seemed that video dating was something other apps overlooked, or didn’t include. People need a way to talk, without sharing private information like phone numbers or emails.

We took a strong brand identity and morphed it into a simple app. The video dating being the core proposition, we needed to include some controls to protect the user. For example:   Users can’t call each other until at least one message has gone each way – imagine someone matching with you, previously you swiped right for them, then they just call you out the blue. You need time to prepare too, so from the call connecting there’s an extra 5 seconds to prepare yourself.

Our Solution
About the product, what is it, how it works, how we arrived at our solution and why it’s a good product.

The result of wire-framing and full UX mapping left us with a relatively ‘light’ app in terms of screens. So it needed to be clean and intuitive. The app works by a simple sign up process, then it pulls others nearby to your location, and you swipe ‘yes’ or ‘no’ whether you like the person’s profile. If they have previously said ‘yes’ to you too, then you’re matched, and you can start private messaging. Once you’ve both sent a private message you can call each other.

Videos have a delay on start, they have protection from ‘spam’ by requiring one message each way – and more importantly simple, is that they have a 3 minute timer. This was decided in order to avoid that awkward soft-close on a conversation you just don’t want to be in anymore! A timer seemed perfect.

Check it out, oh yeah – we made this site too: www.yumioapp.com

Technical & UX Considerations

The complex part of this app was the video calling, we spent a lot of time and resource finding the right solution. We ended up with a service called Tokbox (tokbox.com) This service offered the text and voice calling we needed. It also allowed us to customise the video stream, to add a delay and use push notifications effectively for calling someone. Pretty cost effective compared to some of the other services we trialled.

Taking the core UI elements of the other successful apps in this field, and one of the most popular video calling services (FaceTime) we created a UI to resemble the best, but differ in the delivery in subtle ways.


  • Tinder style swipe dating
  • Private and secure video calling
  • Control over who calls and contacts you
  • Simple sign up & registration
  • User profiles
  • Location based match suggestions
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