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App DevelopmentAnd Mobile Games

Mobile Development

Mobile App Development

Us geeks can bring your app or game idea to life for all mobiles on the Apple, Android, Windows or Blackberry platforms.
Desktop Development

Desktop App Development

Take your application to the desktop environment too, including Mac App Store & Windows 10 Marketplaces.
Tablet Development

Tablet App Development

Utilise the bigger screens available and make something beautiful for all Apple, Android, Windows & Blackberry devices!

Developing Mobile, Desktop and Tablet apps are part of our inquisitive nature.

As pioneers of app development, we build or enhance your app or game for mobile, desktop or tablet – whether on Apple, Android, Windows or Blackberry platforms. Everything from the latest iPhone, new Samsung or tablet development. Check out below examples of the great stuff The App Developers can do for you. We believe our experience, technical expertise and enthusiasm make us one of the best in app development in London and the rest of the country. Challenge us with your next mobile app or game project.

Mobile app development London, mobile app development everywhere.

Nowadays, investing in mobile – geographically and economically – is a must-do – BUT, for the right reasons, our product strategy experts ensure what we’re building will bring results.

Engagement across the globe between people and their smart phones is increasing at an ever-growing rate and consumers expect businesses, whether in London or elsewhere around the world, to own an app or at least have some kind of mobile presence.

We’ve got the country and beyond covered. We don’t just take a mobile app and build it – we strategise, develop and deploy it across borders!

With intuitive, elegant and engaging user interfaces for all platforms, we aim to produce products that supply the end-user with the best user-experience, whoever they are!

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iPhone App and Game Development

Apps and games for the iPhone should be treated differently to apps for the iPad and other devices.

For iPhone Applications we create specialist user interfaces which incorporate latest styles, trends and designs. Things like side menus and profile information, and for iPhone games, we make sure every pixel of the screens are put to good use without overcrowding or over complicating the screen. All backed by device specific hardware optimisation.

iPad App and Game Development

It’s not all the same. Mobile Apps and Games are not all one-size-fits-all so when it comes to the Apple iPad or iPad Retina, or the iPad Pro. We should utilize all that extra space in an efficient way, and deliver a custom experience for the platform.

We have industry leading User Interface and User Experience teams that know their platforms. With our all-round knowledge and understanding in wire-framing and user-journey mapping, we create outstanding visual solutions to ensure your iPad app or game looks amazing.

Android App and Game Development

Apple mad? it’s pretty easy to forget about Android…

Our android app and game development team are experienced in creating all types of games – from an idea to finished article. We know how to make sure your app works perfectly across all the different Android screen sizes and mixed ability devices, and there’s a lot!

So, if you’re thinking or dreaming of Android, have got an idea or concept for a game or app, but don’t know how to turn it into a finished product or market it, talk to us. We’ll guide you, help develop the idea, create a concept, build it and make it real.

Custom apps

Need an app to help grow brand awareness, increase customer retention or attract new customers?

Our team has vast experience in building these apps. They often include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter integration, viral marketing systems, reward based marketing, audio and video implementation, information broadcasting, integrating with vast external api’s and infrastructures and more.

Got a good idea? We’ll build it into an outstanding one.

Blackberry App and Game Development.

The Blackberry platform might not seem that appealing to some people. Especially as the Android market is growing. We can make your app solely for the Blackberry platform or as part of a cross-platform solution.

Desktop and Tablet Development.

With our cross-platform experience, why not utilise bigger screens on the tablet? Or attract more potential by taking your app on to the desktop? We create stunning solutions for Apple, Mac App Store, Android, Blackberry and Windows Marketplaces.

Windows App and Game Development.

We can develop Windows apps to launch independently or alongside any other mobile application launch.

Brand Strategy: we’ll help you to find who you are, and where you’re going.

If you don’t have a set of guidelines we’ll help you communicate an irresistible and meaningful brand that will make your app shine through loud and clear. We’ll make sure your brand’s journey is progressively implemented throughout your app.

Balancing your requirements & business objectives with a well planned and thoughtful strategy.

The essence of producing user centricity coupled with ground breaking and innovative design.

Delivering rock-solid code & innovation through native environments.

A launch plan that is as thorough as it is driven by data.

Our Understanding of UI/UX design.

This allows us to advise start-ups as well as work alongside established brands to adapt their online & offline products and services into visual solutions and experiences.

Deployment: Helping your app on its way.

We assist you with roll out of the app or project, via App Store, Google Play or other releases and offer a comprehensive support package of testing, analytics and implementation to guide you.

Get curious, it won’t kill the cat.

Even an initial chat with us may help you to solidify your app requirements and understanding. Our market-leading expertise in iPhone & Mobile App development can help you and your app come to life, fulfilling its journey and potential.

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