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Blackberry App & GameDevelopment

Blackberry App & Game Development

The Blackberry platform might not seem that appealing to some people. Especially as the Android market is growing and the iPhone market is seen as the sexier option. But hold your horses…

We have a confession to make…The Blackberry 10 is amazing. We can’t deny it any longer. Since the beginning of Blackberry’s ‘issues’ a few years ago, they really needed to up their game with a powerful relaunch. And wowzers did they do it. (Yep, that just happened…we said ‘wowzers’).

Using the big Blackberry 10’s screen, our weird and wonderful geeks will make you such a sexy looking app or game that you’ll want to use their latest touchscreen technology a lot more than you would like to admit.

So, thanks to the Blackberry 10, we can now make you an app that can sit solely on the Blackberry platform or as part of a cross platform solution.

We love Blackberry app & game development!

What We Offer

Major platforms

The App Developers Technologies

If your looking for an app or game for just the iPhone or the latest Samsung or perhaps you would like to hit all devices, all platforms and all of the app stores & marketplaces with you great product at the same time.. we can help.

Device support

Don’t think you have to launch your app or game on all mobile devices and all platforms… simply pick up the phone and pick a geeks brain for 5 minutes as we can advise on what, where, when as making this choice can sometimes feel like a tricky one.

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