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iPhone App & GameDevelopment

iphone App & Game Development

Why is iPhone app development such an interesting and promising proposition?

Every success story has to start somewhere. Launched in 2008, the iPhone Apple App Store did not include many of the features that are available today. With each update new features were added and our developers started incorporating these, pushing the limits of mobile technology, improving user and gaming experiences.

The Apple App Store generates 85% to 95% of all revenue from applications. That’s a lot of potential for your mobile app or game.


iPhone app development


Our experienced teams of app and games developers can help you tap into this.

High standards of the iPhone make iOS the most alluring of operating systems. With our experience and technological know-how working with you – the desirability and prospect of higher investment returns of a mobile iPhone app can provide you with a distinct leverage in this expanding marketplace.

We develop and build your idea into visual and enjoyable experiences for your users.

We talk. Beginning your journey with an initial meeting, we discuss your idea and end with a bespoke project support and maintenance package. Here we’ll make sure to see your app evolve into a beautiful yet functional design, from start to finish, and beyond.

Our designers make sure your app is built with beautiful yet practical design, engaging your customers, building in the ability to connect with existing technologies or databases and embracing those unique iPhone features to create an intuitive user-experience.


What we do

Balancing your requirements & business objectives with a well planned and thoughtful strategy.

The essence of producing user centricity coupled with ground breaking and innovative design.

Delivering rock-solid code & innovation through native environments.

A launch plan that is as thorough as it is driven by data.

Apple’s iTunes and App store – we’re here to guide you.

It’s a great and vibrant marketplace, but it can also be daunting, especially if you’re unsure how it all works. Luckily, we’ve worked with Apple’s App store on many occasions and know how to get the best results for you. Our teams of developers continually work with iPhones with a growing understanding and comprehension of what functionality and features are needed to get an app or game approved for iPhone by Apple and into the App Store.

And once my iPhone app is ‘out there?’

We want what’s best for your app once its launched. We’ll implement analytics to monitor and evaluate the usage of the app, help facilitate your success, and keep on delivering. Other devices and platforms Android? Windows? Blackberry? Tablet? Desktop? Don’t worry, with our cross-platform digital experience, we can create similar visual and user-experience solutions.


Montioring iPhone applications


Phone apps are becoming increasingly compelling to more users every day.

The mobile games and app market is booming and we’re excited about its future. We can help your app become part of it, creating massive opportunities for you or your business.

If you have any questions, or just want to chat, let us know. We’d love the opportunity to build you a rewarding experience in iPhone app development and gaming.

What We Offer

Major platforms

The App Developers Technologies

If your looking for an app or game for just the iPhone or the latest Samsung or perhaps you would like to hit all devices, all platforms and all of the app stores & marketplaces with you great product at the same time.. we can help.

Device support

Don’t think you have to launch your app or game on all mobile devices and all platforms… simply pick up the phone and pick a geeks brain for 5 minutes as we can advise on what, where, when as making this choice can sometimes feel like a tricky one.

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