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So, you’re looking for Mobile App Development? Everything from
the latest iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows app development,
The App Developers can help.
Mobile App Development

Engagement between people and their smart phones is increasing at an ever-growing rate.

How we can help you…

Our experienced mobile app development teams deliver fully integrated solutions across all major platforms and devices. We are great at building solution-driven apps and understand your users expectations. We also help you plan, perfect and launch your app – taking advantage of this growing lucrative market.

As experts within the mobile app development field, we talk with you early on – offering, if required,  friendly, non-techy advice. We help you formulate a strategic roadmap for your app – one that processes your plans for mobile, utilising your chosen technology or integrating into your existing systems.

How we can help you with Mobile app development

We offer a full range of mobile app services, helping you take advantage of market conditions.

From helping you develop a mobile strategy, through to final quality assurance and release of your app, we’d like to think that we were one of the pioneers, challenging and breaking new ground for mobile app engagement and devoting time and energy to becoming efficient and effective at what we do.


What we do


Balancing your requirements & business objectives with a well planned and thoughtful strategy.

The essence of producing user centricity coupled with ground breaking and innovative design.

Delivering rock-solid code & innovation through native environments.

A launch plan that is as thorough as it is driven by data.

The ‘P’ word.

Potential. Over the past few years, the iPhone Apple App Store and Google PlayStore have seen tremendous growth and interest in mobile app design. App development has followed accordingly with businesses looking to create applications or games where app based technologies have been utilised, building value-added service by engaging with customers, increasing brand loyalty or collecting valuable customer data.

These stores and consumer interest continue to grow and that growth produces new opportunities in the Mobile app development and gaming market.

With our understanding of app based technology and bespoke app solutions, we work with you to empower your app, delivering project requirements, enabling standout performance against competitors, improving your business and app’s objectives.

The ‘S’ word.

Sales. As user interest increases, more traffic gets directed towards your application and increases your mobile online visible presence, there’s opportunities to build extra value into what you’re offering.

Our specialist teams of UI / UX designers and developers guide your customers through appropriate product and sales journeys with understandable user-friendly interfaces that help and don’t hinder them. Intuitive features such as the “Push notification” enables you to remind them about a subject relating to your application, even when they are currently not interacting with their smart phone. For example, subtle reminders about their abandoned or forgotten shopping cart.

Effective technology may also be used to track where exactly your customers are navigating to on your application. Therefore, you can distinguish what’s most popular or not so popular on the app, where they spend their time, and where they might jump off.

Information, in the right hands, has the power to change.


Mobile app development


Let’s get into the detail.

Which platform?
If you are targeting more than one platform with cross-platform development we allow for the impact of the app on the user experience and test accordingly.

How fast do you want to go?
Performance is another important criteria for you to consider. Research on mobile apps indicates a strong link between application performance and user satisfaction, reflected in how many drop-offs occur. Every second counts. So, we’ll fine-tune your app for optimum performance.

Native or non-native? We develop across all platforms.
Cross-platform environments using native containers are sustainable across multiple platforms, taking advantage of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the user interface. But, in contrast, native environments are targeted at one platform for each of these cross-platform environments. Our experience of dealing with these technologies is essential to your app’s overall consistency and suitability.

There are a few of these platforms, each one having its own particular quirk or foible (and don’t we love them for it!)… Android development, for example, can occur in the Eclipse IDE using Android Developer Tools plugins, Apple iOS development occurs using Xcode with Objective C and Swift, Windows and BlackBerry each have their own unique development environments too.

Each one represents a different set of challenges for your app, and will be subject to ongoing updates and evolvements, keeping the product running efficiently and more importantly; intuitively for platform specific users.


Application Development Xcode


Evaluating your investment

We are committed to the delivery of outstanding mobile applications. Your mobile application will be tested within the development environment using emulators, then later on devices of all ages and versions checking your app meets your expectations across various devices, operating systems and platforms.

Testing is a fine art, we test in-house but also have dedicated external testing resources on hand to scale, penetrate and interface with your product.

Apple’s App store and Google Play App Store can be a little daunting, so, we’re here to give you a guiding hand.

We’ve worked with these App stores on many occasions and know how to get the best results for you. Our teams of developers continually work with all flavours of mobile devices, pushing the boundaries of what can be done on these ever-changing technologies and how people interact with them. This translates into a growing understanding and comprehension of what functionality and features are needed to get an app or game approved and accepted.


Let’s get started

Interested? Find out more. We’ve worked with a wide range of clients, designing and developing bespoke solutions in answer to their business or gaming needs – whether they’ve needed to engage with their consumers, generate brand awareness or create a great gaming experience.

If you have any questions – or just want to chat – please contact us: let’s get your mobile app development ball rolling!

What We Offer

Major platforms

The App Developers Technologies

If your looking for an app or game for just the iPhone or the latest Samsung or perhaps you would like to hit all devices, all platforms and all of the app stores & marketplaces with you great product at the same time.. we can help.

Device support

Don’t think you have to launch your app or game on all mobile devices and all platforms… simply pick up the phone and pick a geeks brain for 5 minutes as we can advise on what, where, when as making this choice can sometimes feel like a tricky one.

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