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Technology – the next Big Thing

If you remember the days before smartphones and mobile apps, you’ll appreciate how quickly technology has developed. It seems every day now, a new, potentially disruptive technology comes onto the market.

But what’s the next big thing in Technology? And how is it going to impact your life?

The Rise and Rise of AI Technology

While some people believe that AI signifies the end of the world (mainly after watching ‘The Terminator’ movies), most of us understand the benefits of artificial intelligence. Ai enables businesses to provide customers with personalised services for a start. It’s keeping us more informed than ever before and connected to the world, in ways we couldn’t have imagined just ten or twenty years ago.

The big development is going to be ‘deep learning’. Computers are able to process information at a much more sophisticated level. It will enable computers and robotic devices to deliver a range of services that we normally associate with professionals. For instance, we already have smart devices and apps that are able to diagnose certain medical conditions. In the future, we could have full diagnostic systems that can better detect illnesses – Robots that carry out operations and to a higher degree of accuracy with better success rates. Actually, it’s happening already. As technology advances it is able to hold the hand of humanity and guide us on the journey.

AI, of course, presents challenges. It will undoubtedly have an influence on the job market at all levels and how we view work. You only have to look at the growing technology involved in driverless cars, to understand there are plenty of controversial, issues to overcome. But artificial intelligence is here to stay and it is going to underpin most, if not all, technology developments for the foreseeable future.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Both VR and AR technology have been around for a while now; but have still yet to really, explode into the public consciousness as many people have forecast. 2018 and the next couple of years are expected to see a big change in this. Part of the problem with VR has been the low number of quality apps being developed, but this is now turning into a huge growth market. Particularly now developers and businesses are starting to see the potential.

Everything Done Through Mobile Technology

We’ve not yet reached the complete end of the desktop PC, but it’s not too far off. More and more of us are now using our mobile smartphones and tablets for absolutely everything. One of the biggest developments over the last few years is that technology has become democratised and equally as important… affordable. App development is becoming a focus for many businesses, as they search to find new and interesting ways to engage with customers.

Internet of Things

One growing area of technology that can be quite difficult to fathom is how everything connects to everything else. The Internet of Things can seem like a confusing topic but it essentially means that all our devices are talking to each other.

For businesses involved in manufacturing, for instance, it can link up all processes including quality control and inventory management. In the home, it allows us to control things like utilities and our home devices better. It’s all about allowing us to make smarter decisions with the least amount of effort. It’s also helping to produce large amounts of data that allow businesses to operate more efficiently and understand their customers and what they need. Which only looks to evolve technology all the time.

The truth about what some people are calling the 4th Industrial Age, is that it impacts on all people in all walks of life. It’s difficult to escape the effect of technology unless you’re living out in the woods somewhere. There’s technology in our cars, our homes, in the workplace and everywhere we decide to shop. Even kettles have been given ‘digital awareness’.

Perhaps the big ‘next thing’ is how we cope, with the massive technology advancements already causing major changes in society. But there’s no doubt that the future is an exciting time for all those who love technology.

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