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Push Notifications: The Right Way to Use Them

If you want to ensure the success of your app you need a good marketing strategy in place.

You also need to use all the tools at your disposal as effectively as possible. This includes push notifications and knowing how to leverage these can lead to better engagement and help keep the dialogue between user and brand going.

According to Econsultancy:

“The majority of UK brands haven’t cottoned on to the marketing benefits of push technology. As long as it isn’t misused, push technology is an effective way to engage customers and drive brand loyalty.”

Explain Opt-In

Some people like push notifications, some don’t and just switch them off. You should always give users a chance to opt-in with push notifications. Some platforms such as iOS do this right at the beginning when an app is first installed, so you need to explain quickly and concisely why it benefits your user to opt-in. What you say in this respect is important – you don’t have a lot of space or a lot of time to get the response you want and working on your intro is one of the first strategies you need to get the hang of.

Be Relevant

If you are sending too many notifications or ones that are irrelevant to your user, then the chances are they will become annoying. This is the same with any marketing strategy, from social media to email marketing. You need to temper your enthusiasm with a good plan of what you want those push notifications to do, more importantly, how your user wants them to perform and the quantity that you send out.

Be Personal

The more you can personalise push notifications the better. With some apps, you can give your users a choice of what kind of push notifications they receive. For example, news sites will be able to advise you about current topics or notify you at particular times of day depending on your choices.

Allow Users to Engage

Ideally, you don’t just want a static message to appear. You want your user to engage with your app so anything you can include which allows this is good. You also need to send them to the right part of your app – all too often businesses use strategies that simply open the app and then the user has to find the right piece of content. For example, if you have a video of your latest product, the app should open on that product and not on the home page.

Keeping in Contact

Quite a large number of people will download your app, use it for a while and then stop suddenly. Keeping track of this kind of behaviour is vital and including a strategy for sending personalised push notifications is a must. Others don’t have auto updates enabled on their phones so sending quick messages to download the latest version is another way to re-engage.

Creating a strong strategy for push notifications is a mix of tailored messaging and not engaging too much. It’s not a blanket approach that is required and the more you know your users and the deeper you can drill down into their psyche the better. Used well they can improve engagement and make sure customers stay loyal and continue to buy and use your products and services for some time to come.

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